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You are a wonderful, beautiful human being. Hope you're having a super fantastic day!

Oh thank you sweetie. This was a really nice message to see in my email this morning. My day has been relatively so-so but this has brightened it. So thank you <3

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Hey guys, I’m taking a bit of a hiatus from tumblr. Queue is empty so there wont be any queued posts. You can still reach me through skype/facebook/asks if you need me. 

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"Why should you sacrifice your life for our mistakes?!?"

"Because I’m his father and that’s the only thing that matters."


i was confused when i scrolled down and it didn’t say “old as balls”

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I actually found this pretty depressing because when Happy asks her if she’s boxed before, she looks so proud of herself when she says she has, and then he just kind of demeans her response by suggesting that she wasn’t a real boxer, and you see her face just drop

Natasha Romanoff: professional to an extent.

By boxing with him she WAS taking her eye off her opponent. Her opponent was Tony.

You gotta love that the director himself chose to put his own character in the position of a misogynist getting his ass handed to him.


HA so these guys in the library were joking around and one is like “So when’s our date?” and they started discussing when and where and what. Then they hugged really hard and slowly pulled apart and just kind of stopped a second and the other was like “… you really gonna take me on a date?” and the first guy is like, “Uh… yeah, man I’ll take you on a date.” AND THE SECOND GUY SEEMED SO EXCITED GUYS I THINK I JUST WITNESSED THE BEGINNING OF SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL


I love stories and protagonists that are not cynical 

I love protagonists who believe wholeheartedly in something 

I love protagonists who hate hurting anyone 

I love stories about kindness in very unkind worlds 

I love stories about people promising to be good to one another even if they cant know how to save the world or be good for any thing else 


Wrex and Shepard snap chatting each other people they’ve killed who fall on the floor in funny positions


my problem with writing stories is that i’d rather imagine it and play it out in my mind than actually put it into words 


Frankenstein enters into a body building competition and finds he has seriously misunderstood the objective


among the garbage and the flowers: a scott/lydia mix.

the sound of silence (simon & garfunkel) :: here i dreamt i was an architect (the decemberists) :: round here (counting crows) :: shelter from the storm (bob dylan) :: suzanne [leonard cohen cover] (peter gabriel) :: come on get higher (matt nathanson) :: funnel of love (wanda jackson & the cramps) :: love you to (the beatles) :: if i had $1000000 (barenaked ladies) :: cigarettes & chocolate milk (rufus wainwright) :: get me away from here, i’m dying (belle & sebastian) :: shake it out [acoustic] (florence & the machine) :: take this waltz (leonard cohen) :: hey jude (the beatles) :: grace cathedral hill (the decemberists) :: the dress looks nice on you (sufjan stevens).

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sacrificial lions: an allison/scott/stiles mix.

overture/going through the motions (buffy the vampire slayer cast) :: the future [leonard cohen cover] (teddy thompson) :: cloudy now (blackfield) :: all along the watchtower (bear mccreary) :: record year for rainfall (the decemberists) :: comfortably numb [pink floyd cover] (dar williams) :: the kids aren’t alright [acoustic] (the offspring) :: sex & candy (marcy playground) :: boulevard of broken dreams (green day) :: skinny love [bon iver cover] (birdy) :: everybody knows [leonard cohen cover] (rufus wainwright) :: clint eastwood (gorillaz) :: the soldiering life (the decemberists) :: approaching lightspeed (wolfsheim) :: always look on the bright side of life (monty python) :: dead is the new alive (emilie autumn) :: closing time (semisonic) :: return to oz (scissor sisters).

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